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By ginny benton


My name is Ginny Benton of gb Jewelry , established 2015 . I have spent the last 10 years at the bench , including my education. Receiving a BFA in Metals and Jewelry from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), under going 4 years of jeweler apprenticeships, and have completed advanced stone setting classes at New Approach School for Jewelers.

As a specific title I am a custom jeweler, production caster, wax carver, and stone setter.

Through making custom jewelry , I create my own designs based on what others want. I am someone who loves problem solving and having a new challenges presented to me. The best projects are ones that seem too complex for most to undertake . Projects like creating a human size skull in sterling silver to be a removable sculpture fixed on top of a cigar humidor, like fitting just under 320 gemstones on one skull pendant, OR creating a metal ribcage to functionally open and close over a hollow glass heart. My best projects are the ones that start as impossible, but somehow I figured out how to make them happen, turning into monumental results.

I am an alchemist at heart, making metal casting my technique of choice for jewelry manufacturing. I do both lost wax and production casting, so casting 1 or a many items at once. The process is an art within itself, there are so many variables to consider when trying to have a successful casting. The last 3 years of my life have been dedicated to perfecting my flow and success rate of this process. With wax carving the sculptural freedom you have is beautiful, anything you carve (in proportional size and weight) you can cast. I am in my element when wax carving. If I could sit around all day just carving wax I WOULD, but in the end that’s simply the first step in this lengthy manufacturing technique.

I consider myself more of an artist than designer , I adore fashion but it’s important for a design to go further than merely responding to a trend, but speaking through a concept.

My overall aesthetic is to juxtapose urban grit and underground culture with luxury and regal glam.

Ginny Benton - gb Jewelry

Ginny Benton - gb Jewelry