Asteroid rings with assorted gemstones

Asteroid rings with assorted gemstones


Asteroid rings are a funky , yet modern take, on the cocktail ring. The gem sit on top of the finger for a colorful statement. On the undersides of the center stone and front profiles of the rings, the Silver has a hand-engraved “Florentine finish”, creating light play on the surface in contrast to their polished edges. Complete with pave set 2mm Black Spinels down the sides.

Currently these rings are sized between 5.5 and 8.5, They CAN be re-sized , upon purchasing you will be asked your ring size, and your ring will arrive to you sized to fit. The band thickness is 2.5mm to 1.5mm tapering with the gem sitting an average of 5mm to 6mm on top of the finger.

So why are they called Asteroid ring? Asteroids are the inspiration of the collection . The positioning of the center stones on the rings are mean to have a feeling of a large “rock” or an asteroid crash landed on top of your finger. Cocktail rings are statement pieces known for a huge center stones so I felt the “rock” idea appropriate . Also the texture, I chose to use a florentine finish , The engraved texture mimics the striations found inside a cut open or polished Asteroid.

Gemstones used ( in order of the photo) : Peridot (light green) , Garnet (dark Red), Rhodolite garnet (dark pink) , White Topaz , Paraiba Topaz (teal), Fire Citrine (orange/yellow), Swiss Topaz (light blue), and Amethyst (dark purple) .

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