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fabulous comments

You don’t need to follow the trend when your style is on point.
— @iamgregoryparis
Ginny has once again outdone herself , gb Jewelry really killed it with these pendants.
— Andrew AKM Morris
Props to Ginny Benton of gb Jewelry not only very talented but possesses a wonderful personality and gives 110% in all her work
— Teresa DeCarmen
This piece is insane, keep up the amazing work, you’re a bad ass, I mean using gears, keep up the creativeness!
— John Howard



I will give you the best work I can give you. I take pride in every piece I release. Through the years of repairing  jewelry, I know the problems that can arise with wear. With that knowledge, I make my pieces durable and fixable. Your design will be simply unique or a dramatic one-of-a-kind. My craft is my passion, my soul, and each piece I create is a tangible version of just that.


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about my work

MY NAME IS ginny

I am a born artist. Raised in Richmond VA. Received a B.F.A from Savannah College of art and Design 2011,  2016 refined my skills from a class at New Approach Jewelers Academy. I worked as a Jeweler's apprentice for 4 years . Establishing gb Jewelry in 2015. My style is edgy; however I lust over luxurious high jewellery. My work reflects my enjoyable conflict between the 2 broad styles. Crossing imagery of urban grit with regal glam.